Why We Love It: Ghoulies

What’s not to love about a movie with a tagline about getting attacked you-know-where while sitting on the toilet? In an age of endless CGI, sometimes we pine for the practical effects of yesteryear, and Ghoulies not only delivers in that department, it’s just plain fun. Here are a few reasons why we love Ghoulies.

1. Sunglasses

They wear their sunglasses at night, so they can, so they can—well, so they can look cool at their dinner party, among other things. Not only that, the impressive diversity in sunglass fashion displayed in this scene is enough to make you want to trade your Ray-Bans for steampunk-esque driving goggles.


2. Necking

My idea of a romantic night out is a candle-lit dinner, a long walk under the stars, and having someone’s tongue shoot out of their mouth, wrap around my neck and strangle me to death. Sigh, isn’t love beautiful?


3. Tears of a Clown

A creepy, murderous clown cries green goo. Smokey Robinson, eat your heart out!


4. Grizzle & Greedigut

Elves from hell. Something tells me they won’t be making any toys for Christmas.

Ghoulies and Ghoulies II are now on Blu-ray together!

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